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Obedience and Belief by Nick Bullock

Belief and Obedience: Obedience = Bad taste in mouth


But i want to be careful of how I treat words, and take notice of the fact that sometimes there is more than one meaning. It is up to me to decide which definition suits me best…  Because obedience can be a form of discipline that can expand our horizons. Obedience is only given when there is a great deal of respect, and when you decide to give your obedience to something or someone (as a free thinking adult), that decision can have a lasting positive impact. Every time a monk obeys their guru, every time a husband obeys his wife, or every time a musician obeys their instrument, it is a statement that says I trust in something bigger than myself, and I give myself over to it. And the freedom that follows that kind acceptance can be a wellspring of joy.

Belief: It is the number one most important thing that all success stories share. It is the difference maker. Believe.

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