Q: What gear do you have? 

A: We have lots of vintage instruments and vintage gear, everything from original Black Face Fender amps to vintage Gibson guitars. We have great sounding pre amps, AD/DA converters and a wide range of mics and outboard gear to get the best and warmest tones possible (API, Neve etc). If you want it, we can make it happen. Email us for a full list. 

Q: I have a small budget, or I have a huge budget, can I record there?

A: Of course! We have both hourly and day rates, so give us a call or email us, and we’ll make it happen.

Q: How long does the recording process typically take?

A: It all depends on the kind of record you want to make. We have done plenty of sessions where people are in and out of here in a matter of days, with a mixed product. On the other hand, sometimes it's nice to block out a chunk of time to really focus on the little things while recording, and that can sometimes take weeks or months. It really just depends on what you the artist are going for. If you have more questions, give us a shout and we're happy to elaborate. 

Q: I'm a solo artist, but I want lots of instrumentation, can you provide that?

A: Yes we can. On top of Nick playing all of the "rock n' roll" instruments (and some others), we have great relationships with some of Nashville's best studio musicians. Everything from fiddle, to dobro, to cello and glockenspiel can be available for your recording. You name the instrument, and we'll make it happen. 

Q: I'm in a band, how many people can you accommodate and record at once?

A: The live room can comfortably hold a four piece with out any elbows being thrown, on top of the another band member or two being strategically placed in the control room. So comfortably, five. But we've fit more in the past when needed, and i'm sure we'll do it again. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in South East Nashville, about 10 minutes from down town.

Q: Where can we stay?

A: This is a two part answer. First, we're located close to a variety of hotels in the Nashville area. Secondly, there are accommodation packages that we offer that provide you with comfortable on site housing for four to six people. Contact us for more details.

Q: Are y'all chill?

A: Yes, we are very chill. And we have the best studio coffee in Nashville, hands down.