Awake Studios was started with the vision that a recording studio could be so much more than a blinking red button surrounded by cool gear. A recording studio is where musicians go to discover themselves, through their songs and sounds. Its a place that demands truth and respect, and gives unconditional love. It's a place to make mistakes, and revel in them, its a place where you face your fears, and overcome them. And most of all, it's a place where the human experience transforms from internal to external, and you the artist get to share your love with the world.

Awake Studios, started by Nick Bullock, is the culmination of 15 years of experience being a professional touring and studio musician. As well as the countless records he's produced and engineered with other artists, Nick has released over ten records with his old band Revision and his current project The Sound Awake. Capturing the truth, heart and the soul of each artist is the goal of Nick and Awake Studios. There is something special in each of us, and those of us who are brave enough to aspire to our musical truth deserve a studio that serves the artist and his/her vision.

About Nick Bullock

The real start for Nick wasn’t so much an “aha” moment, but more like a little tiny seed that got planted in the earliest days of his childhood. A moment in time stored in the recesses of his mind. It’s a memory, an image of an old man sitting on the street corner that Nick grew up on, playing guitar and singing. From there, it was the sounds of the Beatles, their tight harmonies, and ingenious exploration of songs and sounds that peaked his interest. Somewhere along the line, a guitar was purchased so he could explore the neck and strings along with the records he loved. From there, lessons were a weekly ritual, and the guitar seemed like it was permanently attached to his fingers at all times. Nick was “that guy” in high school, maybe you had one in your own group of friends too? Not the guy playing the songs for all the cute girls, but the guy getting detention for skipping class to practice. The detentions paid off in the long run, leading to a degree in Jazz Guitar and Composition from Ithaca College. While in school, Nick met his musical brethren and like most 18 or 19 year olds with a love for adventure and music, formed a band. Over the course of ten years, Nick and his band Revision played over 1,500 concerts, toured in support of major artists, signed with management, worked with agents, toured the world, recorded seven full length records, ran a full time business, and all along learned how make a living while loving and living his art. All things eventually come to an end of course, and when Revision broke up, Nick grabbed at his chance to explore his musical roots and started his next band, The Sound Awake. At the same time, the first iteration of Awake Studios was born, in Ithaca NY.

Since then, Nick has produced and engineered countless records for other artists, always using the lessons learned from earlier experiences being a professional road and studio musician. In 2013, Nick moved to Nashville TN, where he continues to take a tremendous amount of joy producing artists and helping them find their voice, while exploring new and different ways to express their art and their songs at Awake Studios Nashville. Nick is also a very happily married to a tremendous woman and visual artist, Meredith Bullock. They have two sons, Noah (2yrs) and Elijah (8mo), live in a quiet neighborhood and love living in Music City. 

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