My First Taste of the Nashville Cool-Aid / by Nick Bullock

Yes indeed, I am high on self esteem, and good vibes. I'm riding the mind blowing currents that make up the Nashville music scene. Now, I've done a few things since getting here, some songs for friends, some official work for other friends back in New York, but this will be the first time I drink the Nashville cool-aid. So, I'm excited! More specifically, it's working with Danny Siera that is getting me excited. He is a great song writer with a great voice, and someone who is open to new sounds and sonic textures. Which is a great combination, because I think it allows us to really push ourselves and come up with something that surprises both of us. Something that we can't help but get excited about.

Synergy. Yes it's an over used word. But more importantly, it is a real live, breathing thing, a force, and it is one of the reasons Danny's EP is going to be kick ass.

What creation have you made or been a part of recently that totally surprised you in a good way? Let me hear em!